We were a couple of guys who wanted to do what we love most in the world.

Patrick is the beer geek. Jason is the other guy.

Craft Beer Reserve started out as a simple idea from a simple man.... who happened to be extremely passionate for craft beer! Patrick's passion began while working for Lazy Magnolia Brewery, in Kiln, MS... (yes, Brett Farve is from there). Work initially afforded him a place to learn the art of craft beer. As his role grew, he began traveling the country promoting Lazy Magnolia and talking beer with other beer lovers.

He absolutely cherishes every opportunity to spread beer knowledge;  and also expand upon his own. Knowing that he didn't want to open a bar (and he admittingly sucks at brewing)... he thought retail was the place for him.

After recruiting (begging) his long-time friend, Jason, for assistance...... that simple idea they briefly discussed years ago is now his life’s passion.

The Name

The name “Craft Beer Reserve” was born after the location for our flagship store was decided. The building used to be a bank before hurricane Katrina and our space on the first floor included a bank safe and a 15’x15’ vault that has remained unopened since 2005. Since the word “Reserve” can mean “to set aside for special use” and is used in both the banking and wine making industries, it was the perfect fit for our location and concept. It also reminds us every day to create something special…. and not just a store full of beer.